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The WET Center is an
Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC)







WEST Center


The UA WET Center is located within
The University of Arizona,
Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center
(An off-campus facility)



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The National Science Foundation, Water & Environmental Technology (WET) Center is a Multi-University I/UCRC with a focus on water quality, emerging contaminants and technology for water treatment. The lead institution is Temple University with two other research site locations at The University of Arizona and Arizona State University. Any chemical or biological contaminant introduced into pure water results in a lower water quality, which may adversely affect human health and/or the environment. "Emerging contaminants (ECs)" generally refers to chemicals, biological agents and materials recently detected in the environment that may pose a potential or real threat to human health or the environment, but which are generally not regulated at present. The challenge of emerging chemical contaminants intersects several industries that manufacture and use emerging contaminants, including the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products Industries and Producers of nano-sized materials, as well as entities that treat wastewater and drinking water, and companies that create and service technology for the removal of contaminants from water. New emerging pathogens and other biological entities such as norovirus, prions and endotoxins are also causing concern. The University of Arizona WET Center focuses on state-of-the-art technology for waste and water treatment and distribution.



Dr. Suri Rominder, Director
Temple University (Lead Institution)
Ph: (215) 204–6937

Dr. Ian Pepper, Director

The University of Arizona

Ph: (520) 626–3328




Dr. Morteza Abbaszadegan, Director
Arizona State University
Ph: (480) 965-3868




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